News that is Hard to Share

Ok. Here’s the news, since so many folks have expressed curiosity and concern recently. I am separating from my partner of 8.5 years. Yes the one that I just married last July.

This has been a really tough couple of years, full of emotional distress which had to manifest in debilitating physical health issues before I was willing to admit that I shouldn’t stay in the relationship. I am in a place of healing now and have lots of excellent support!

I have always found healing as well as a sense of purpose and meaning through sharing about my own struggles. But this felt too dark, too raw, too confusing to process out in public. I was worried about furrowing the brows of all who care about me, about upsetting Kyle who is a very private person, about losing students who thought, “Why would I want to work with someone who can’t even keep her own marriage together?”

But I know that shame, obfuscation and denial are exactly what let this suffering go on so long. So today I let the light in.

Satyam eva jayate. The truth always wins.

For more on what’s happening, see the video below. THANK YOU! For being the community who shows me who I am and what I’m capable of.

For everyone who has been concerned or curious, here is what is happening with me. No easy way to share about these things but a short video felt like the most intimate and straightforward. Satyam eva jayate. "The truth always wins"
Aaron Dias