So Hum: 5 Minute Mantra Practice

5 minutes 40 seconds

Mantras not only give the mind something to hold while it drops its old sticky patterns, they also change the inner frequency of the meditator. So hum can be translated as "I am." It is a direct connection with our most basic condition: BEING.

This is one of the most ancient Sanskrit mantras and, while it is simple, its significance is extremely profound. It brings us away from all the small, false identities which are the source of delusion and suffering and brings us home to cosmic consciousness. 

In this meditation we learn how to not simply say the mantra in the mind, but to embody it with our whole selves.

If you want a longer meditation experience, simply press pause around minute 5, after I invite you to continue on your own. Press play again when you're ready to close your session with the sound of the chimes.