Part III: Wisdom

  • Explore the nature of WISDOM, which we define as the state of seeing and trusting the TRUTH of what is.

  • Learn how to recognize and work with our OBSTACLES, what’s been blocking our access to wholeness, health and wisdom

  • Cultivate the potential for REVELATION and the art of HONORING revelation. How do we discover what is true and real? And once we do, how do we connect and align with the truth so that it can steer our lives.

  • Understand how a regular, sincere MEDITATION ritual is invaluable for accessing real WISDOM

Wisdom Meditations

18 minutes. Originally recorded 7am on 2/18/19, 9 participants. We journey to the home of our teacher and sit in meditation with this being, soaking in their powerful wisdom and love. We learn how to honor an teacher and let a teacher honor us. In the safe space of the teacher’s trusting presence, we put down the burden of a challenge, and celebrate the joy of a victory.

23 minutes, originally recorded 2/20/19 at 7am, 9 participants. We return to the chakras,* this time regarding them as teachers and asking them for guidance.

*If you want more info about the chakras, I have a lot of blogs about them. You can start here.

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20 minutes, originally recorded 2/22/19 at 7am, 5 participants. 20 minutes of shared, sacred silence, bookended by the sound of the singing bowl.

Wisdom Discussion

Meditation naturally cultivates wisdom,--a state of seeing and trusting the truth of what is. To meditate is to reside in your wisdom and to sit in alignment with the truth.

Every being in the universe

is an expression of the Tao.

It springs into existence,

unconscious, perfect, free,

takes on a physical body,

lets circumstances complete it.

That is why every being

spontaneously honors the Tao.

The Tao gives birth to all beings,

nourishes them, maintains them,

cares for them, comforts them, protects them,

takes them back to itself,

creating without possessing,

acting without expecting,

guiding without interfering.

That is why love of the Tao

is in the very nature of things.

- Verse 51, Tao Te Ching, (The Book of the Way) by Lao Tzu; translation by Stephen Mitchell

The roots of our suffering grow in our delusions. Cultivating wisdom is the process of unwinding the causes of our suffering (the kleshas) and returning to our nature of truth and trust. We learn how to make space for revelation and how to honor it when it arises.

Checklist for February 18-24, 2019

  • Meditate every day ideally for 15-20 minutes. But choose consistency over duration.

  • Contemplate the following themes for the week:

    • WISDOM: Inquire into the nature of wisdom for yourself.

      • Look for models of wisdom in your world and investigate their nature. Hang out with your favorite wise book or teacher this week.

      • Set aside time to honor your REVELATIONS: take a long walk and contemplate, have a dynamic conversation about the nature of reality with a friend; inquire for yourself—ask why until you can’t anymore; or do any creative practice which helps you connect with TRUTH that has been revealed to you.

    • TRUTH: What is the deepest wisdom that you have personally experienced? Getting in touch with your own most essential truths will help you cultivate real wisdom. Some potential prompts:

      • Describe the nature of reality in 1-3 sentences.

      • What is the truest thing you know? What happens when you’re in alignment with that truth? What happens when you’re out of alignment?

      • Tell the story of your biggest “aha!” moment. What were the circumstances around that? What were the ramifications of seeing that truth? What have you done since then to honor that gift of revelation?

    • OBSTACLES or KLESHAS: The primal causes of suffering—obstacles or kleshas in Sanskrit—are pervasive but, luckily, we can relieve ourselves of them through meditation.

      • What are the OBSTACLES arising for you right now in your meditation practice? Look at your work from the prompts about TRUTH. Can you see any way that you have fallen out of line with your deepest truth(s)? Decide to recommit to your truth(s) and watch as the obstacles start to unravel.

    • HONORING: Revelation comes from the Whole, the Tao, the Oneness. We receive it as a gift. Contemplate how you honor gifts and commit to relating to your revelations with a spirit of honoring.

      • Ask yourself how, “How would I listen to my dying teacher’s last words?” Listen to the wisdom of your own experience this way.

      • Here are some simple ways to honor:

        • 1. notice — put one’s attention on

          2. record — set into record so I can return to it

          3. return — call your attention back to it, like a touchstone

          4. explore — spend time curiously and focusedly engaging with it, leaving room for discovery

          5. understand — come to grasp its nature

          6. articulate — come to be able to explain its nature

          7. share — find others who are interested in its nature and connect with them about it

          8. master — develop practices around it so that the honoring and transformation continues

          9. merge — achieve samadhi, or oneness, with this as your touchstone

  • Post comments or questions about this week’s themes, teachings or exercises below.

Aaron Dias