Part I: Ritual

  • How to create positive, lasting rituals or habits in our lives

  • Looking at the practical technique of meditation

  • How to develop the qualities of SINCERITY and CONSISTENCY

  • What are my core values and beliefs, and how can I create a meditation practice which honors those?


Paying special attention to step D this week, Monday we focus on a word-based touchstone, Wednesday we work with an image-based touchstone. Throughout we stay sensitive to sensory/physical touchstones.

Notice for yourself how you relate to different types of touchstones.

9 minutes, 7am 2/4/19, 13 participants

We learn the ancient Sanskrit mantra, so hum, which means “I am.” Then we connect to our mantra in a fluid, organic way. Committed but not gripping, we let our attention “dance” with the mantra and the breath.

12 minutes, 7am 2/6/19, 11 participants

We remember how powerful and good this choice to meditate really is. We envision ourselves as a tree, interconnected to the natural world, belonging here.

10 minutes, 7am 2/8/19, 10 participants

10 minutes of silence, bookmarked by the sound of the singing bowl. Use this time to self-guide, while still tapping into the shared energy of our little meditation community.

3 minutes, no participants, pre-recorded

A very simple meditation, embracing our heavy parts and our light parts and allowing them to come into harmony. I just wanted you to have at least one short meditation for your library.


Mondays I’ll give a 10-15 minute talk. Wednesdays I’ll give one that’s around 45 minutes long.

Introduction to the themes of Part I: Ritual. We begin to access the powers of sincerity and consistency in our lives. We dive into the practical technique of step D, which begins to cultivate these qualities in the meditation practice itself.

How ritual brings us back into alignment with nature, our values and reality at large. How consistency and sincerity create a powerful start to building a meditation practice. Intro to relevant teachings from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Checklist for Part I

  • Do your meditation practice every day. Ideally you’re sitting for a minimum of 5-10 minutes, but choose consistency over duration for now. You can use the ABCs template and/or the audio recordings or any other tools you like.

  • Contemplate the themes of RITUAL, habit and routine. How can you encourage a new positive ritual taking root in your life? Look toward examples from your own experience as well as the wisdom of those you trust. Discuss below or with friends.

  • SINCERITY is the power of the heart which makes us show up for our what matters most to us—our deepest values. Contemplate your VALUES and how an authentic motivation to honor those values becomes super fuel for our practice.

    • VALUES EXERCISE: Try this if you’re struggling defining your values. Take a big piece of paper and write down every quality that you passionately believe makes the world better. Move quickly, not worrying about spelling or penmanship or repetition or whatever. Just get it all out. Take a little break. Then come back, look it over, and ask the following questions:

      • Have I missed anything? If so, add it!

      • Are there small concepts that I can fit under the umbrella of bigger concepts? If so, strike out the small ones and keep with the big ones.

      • Of everything left, what are the most important? Pick 5 or so. These are your values my friend!

  • CONSISTENCY is showing up for our values repeatedly over time. It develops a deep sense of self-trust that will make all the rest of our work ahead possible. Contemplate your own relationship to qualities of CONSISTENCY, steadiness, reliability. Be willing to look at the obstacles which tend to arise when you are trying to develop such qualities.

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Aaron Dias