Opening Circle

  • Setting the right conditions for our meditation practice to take root and thrive organically

  • Definitions of the meditative state and the meditation practice

  • Common obstacles to starting a meditation practice and practical advice

  • Introduction to the ABCs, a template for self-guidance


7 minutes Simple meditation focusing on the first 3 steps of our template: Arrive, Breathe and Connect to Care. Originally recorded 2/1 at 7am, 15 live participants.


The ABCs = a simple template for self-guiding your meditation practice. You can download it, memorize it, or keep a printed copy in your meditation area.


Welcome to the circle! Here we go over the practical, simple beginnings for our month of daily meditation practice.

Checklist for February 1-3, 2019

  • Do your meditation practice every day. Use the recording, the ABCs template or any other tools. But, to begin, just make sure you show up in your meditation space for the next couple days without fail.

  • Make a commitment and post it below! For example: “I, Aaron Dias, commit to showing up and honoring what’s most valuable to me every day in February, 2019—love, wisdom, freedom, authenticity and interconnectedness. I commit to supporting those around me in honoring their values.” You can post according to my template, add on to it, or invent your own.

  • Post any questions in the comments.

The two prompts below are options only if you have time this weekend. We will look more deeply at values and obstacles in Part I: Ritual, this coming week. If you’re prone to overwhelm, skip over these. (Stay simple!)

  • Contemplate your values. What matters most to you in life? We’ll talk more about this next week.

  • Observe your obstacles. If you’re struggling with making space in your schedule do the following:

    • Make a list of your top values

    • Monitor yourself throughout the day and notice how long you spend on different tasks

    • Go through the things you’re spending time on and notice where you’re spending too much time on something with too little connection to your values

Aaron Dias