Part II: Healing

  • Explore principles of HEALTH, which I define as a state of wholeness, wherein all the parts function harmoniously

  • Understand how a regular MEDITATION ritual engenders genuine HEALTH

  • Develop the qualities of TRUST and ACCEPTANCE


Join us live in the Roots Zoom Room

7am Monday + Wednesday + Friday:

15 minutes, recorded 7am 2/11/19, 9 participants. We call all our parts and harmonize them through the breath. Leaning into the natural healing process of the breath and connecting with the environment to which we belong, we learn to cultivate a deep sense of TRUST within and without. Then we do a simple energy cleansing practice.

20 minutes, recorded 7am 2/13/19, 9 participants. We learn how to inhabit the center of our experience. Then we move through the chakras and learn how to cultivate different qualities inside

15 minutes, recorded 7am 2/15/19, 6 participants. 15 minutes of silence bookended by the sound of the singing bowl.


I discuss the primary principles of healing--whole, parts and relationships--and discuss how meditation relates to them. As the week goes on we will use these principles to approach creating healing in our own lives.
Health begins by pulling your attention back to the center of your own experience and truly inhabiting it. Relating to all that comes across your attention with acceptance.

Quote I read by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

The master, the disciple, the love and trust between them--these are one fact, not so many independent facts. Each is a part of the other. Without love and trust there would have been no guru nor disciple, and no relationship between them. It is like pressing a switch to light an electric lamp. It is because the lamp, the wiring, the switch, the transformer, the transmission lines and the power house, form a single whole that you get the light. Any one factor missing and there would be no light. You must not separate the inseparable. Words do not create facts; they either describe them or distort them. The fact is always non-verbal.


INHABITING AN ENVIRONMENT OF TRUST IS A PREREQUISITE FOR HEALING. As long as there is fear in the system some part of us will not be able to relax. And we need to be able to relax in order for deeply ingrained patterns of suffering to finally release. Through meditation we learn how to generate an internal environment of TRUST, and to plug back into our outer environment in a trusting way.

YOU ARE A WHOLE MADE UP OF VARIOUS PARTS. Your personal health requires you to be able to attend to any parts that need attention and care. This can seem overwhelming so healers, teachers and energy workers throughout human history have given us simplified maps and frameworks for feeling into all our most important parts. The chakra system is just one. 

Lean into whichever healing practices or maps that you are familiar with. Come to accept the various parts you’re made of. Learn to sit in a space of trust and scan through the aspects of you, noticing what you notice. We'll talk about how to act on our observations later. For now, just learn to be the feckless observer. Willing to see whatever arises.

YOU ARE A PART WHICH BELONGS TO THE WHOLE. If the Whole is to be healthy, YOU need to be healthy. If you are going to relate harmoniously with all the other parts, you have to take responsibility for the wellness of your part. Because you are the only one who can experience your inner world, who can scan your various parts, who can re-harmonize them, this really needs to sink in: You need to take the best possible care of yourself, not just because you deserve it (which you do) but because the whole needs it. We all need it, us other parts of the shared whole. The world needs you, nature needs you, the universe needs you, spirit needs you.

This brings us back to a big theme of the week, PERSONAL AUTONOMY. The primary responsibility that you have to the Whole is to experience health, balance, harmony, peace, vitality and love within yourself. Doing this work is not “selfish”; quite to the contrary, it is a great gift to all of us. The one gift that ONLY YOU CAN GIVE. Taking care of others to the detriment of your own health is not “selfless;” it is actually utterly irresponsible. For while you try to fly into someone else’s inner world, there is no one home to honor your own.

Meditation is when we finally do our job, and reside at the center of our own being. It’s when you stop robbing the Whole of the health of YOU, which, like all its parts is absolutely precious and essential and irreplaceable. The Whole loves you. Not in a "Roses are red, Violets are blue," kind of way. But because you belong to it. That’s not a coincidence. Learn to accept that love fully. Come to trust your belonging to the Universe and reside right here at your own center. Health and wisdom will begin to flow naturally.

Checklist for February 11-17, 2019

  • Meditate every day ideally for 10-15 minutes. But choose consistency over duration. Experiment with different touchstones and notice how they do or don’t cultivate TRUST and other positive energies inside.

  • Contemplate the following themes for the week:

    • HEALTH is simply the state of harmony to which all things are constantly in the process of returning. Anything that is HEALING is simply cultivating conditions for this natural process to take place.

      • Prompt: Write the story of a healing journey that you’ve been on. Consider what made the healing possible. Look at the WHOLE, the PARTS and the RELATIONSHIPS.

    • TRUST is the experience of full belonging and interconnectedness. It is the hallmark of healthy relationship and the antidote to FEAR which is the hallmark of suffering.

    • ACCEPTANCE is the experience of letting everything be as it is, without trying to make it into something else.

    • SOURCES are the beings who naturally bring out our inner gratitude, our recognition that we are being taking care of by those around us.

    • SCIONS are the beings who naturally bring out our inner caretaker, our compassion, our sense of responsibility to be a helpful presence in the world.

  • Post comments or questions about this week’s themes, teachings or exercises below.

Aaron Dias