Part IV: Empowerment

  • Explore meditation as access to EMPOWERMENT

    • The meditative state is a state of being empowered with health and wisdom; satisfied, we are finally liberated from the urge to seek out more power

    • The meditation practice is when we build respectful relationship with those resources which most empower us

  • Understand the nature of TRANSFORMATION and harness it to reach your goals. This is the process by which we arrive at EMPOWERMENT

  • Develop an empowering perspective on your meditation JOURNEY


20 minutes, originally recorded 7am, February 25, 2019, 7 participants. We travel to meet past and future selves and learn what they have to teach us.

I will post recordings of two more guided meditations here, 8:30am Wednesday and Friday.

22 minutes, originally recorded 7am, February 27, 2019, 8 participants. We honor our simplicity, letting go of adornment and complication as it arises. We learn how to simply be—to be ourselves, to be the breath, to be the light, to be the elements and to be the Love.

24 minutes, originally recorded 7am, February 27, 2019, 6 participants. We start by arriving into the most simple version of the practice we can access. Then we find ourselves at the center of the great web of being, being honored for our meaningful work and witnessed as we undergo this powerful transformation.


This week we are looking at the nature of the transformative journey which brings us to empowerment. Once we come to understand how the process of a journey unfolds we can harness its power to reach our highest goals.
We speak of empowerment and the transformational journey. How can you come to embody the truths that you have been aligning with? What is the unique way that you are meant to show up as love in this world?
I give some closing comments, wrapping up the work of the course, answering questions and giving you a few simple pointers as you look forward. Then we listen for wisdom from a few of our circle-mates. Please post your own closing comments in the comments below!

Checklist for February 25-March 1, 2019

  • Meditate every day ideally for about 20 minutes. Always choose consistency over duration. But since it’s the last days of the course and you’ve still got the momentum and support, why not just try and do 20 minute sits this week!

  • Contemplate themes of EMPOWERMENT + TRANSFORMATION. Contemplate your own personal experiences with evolution, growth, acquiring new skills, changing old patterns, connecting to new resources and shifting the ways you relate.

  • Come into a more enlightened and healthy perspective on your own JOURNEY. Consider the parts of a transformational journey in general, and your journey in particular. Contemplate where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

    • Hero: This is the authentic persona who is showing up for the meditation ritual. The identity you claim as you align with your TRUTH, as you pledge allegiance to your VALUES and move toward your VISION for the future.

    • Purpose: What is your mission? You can look back at your original goals or commitments from the beginning of the month for guidance. Or try out the following prompts:

      • Mission Statement: When you show up for your values, what are you here to do?

      • Look at the following four categories. Make the lists then contemplate where there’s overlap. Your “purpose” sits in the cross-section of these four lists. Inspiration for this prompt came from here.

        • MY GIFTS: what are your superpowers, skills, talents, all the the things you’re really good at?

        • WORLD’S NEEDS: what does the world need most?

        • MY JOY: what brings the most joy, contentment, happiness into my life?

        • MY STABILITY: what brings me what I need for stability? Consider finances, physical environment, physical, emotional and mental health.

    • Obstacles: What is it that is keeping the hero from inhabiting her authentic persona and completing her mission? Look toward our work with the KLESHAS from PART III: WISDOM.

    • Allies: Who or what comes to the aid of the hero? What relationships have become helpful the hero to overcome obstacles? Contemplate what tattvas or touchstones help you call upon these friends. These relationships will likely last well after the journey is over.

    • Revelations: What are the big aha moments that have shifted the course of the journey? Look toward our work with TRUTH + REVELATION from PART III: WISDOM.

    • Transformation: What kind of transformation were you seeking on this journey? What kind of transformation have you experienced? What’s this journey been all about?

    • Next Steps: What’s the VISION for what’s way up ahead? And then what is this most immediate upcoming chapter of your journey going to be about?

  • Please share with us about any revelations you’ve had and/or transformations that you’ve undergone over the course of the month. Read the words of others and connect. In this last week, hop into the conversation. You won’t regret it.

  • Feedback: If you have time please fill out part or all of this short survey. Your feedback helps me immensely.

Aaron Dias