Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap


Online meditation course running April 1 - May 8, 2019.

This course offers rich support you as you cultivate your personal meditation and artistic practices, side by side, mutually informing one another and enabling breakthroughs and transformations which seemed impossible til now.

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*If you are craving deeper, more personalized support, consider adding 5 mentoring sessions with Aaron for just $310. All 5 sessions must be completed by June 30, 2019.

An authentic spiritual life and an authentic creative life go together like day and night, left and right, yin and yang, dance and song.

Through meditation we learn how to honor our own experience, empower our inner teacher and healer, and access important revelations. Through creative practices of all kinds—written, visual, auditory, movement based, etc.—we take the revelations of meditation, explore them, and express them authentically to the world. This is no small thing, for it is through authentic expression we become bringers of wisdom and healing that the world so desperately needs.

Fuller description of the course here

REFUND POLICY: If you do not find benefit from the course, simply write me an email anytime in May, 2019 for a full refund.

This online meditation course offers support for anyone seeking:

  • a more regular and effective meditation practice

  • a more fruitful and satisfying artistic life

  • greater connection between meditation practice and daily life

  • access to acceptance, insight and transformation

  • access to creative energy and mastery of the creative process

  • liberation from old patterns of suffering

  • support for manifesting authentic works of creative expression


Aaron leads meditations M+W+F 7amEST, April 1- May 8, 2019

Everything is recorded and you retain access to the website until July 31, 2019. I recommend joining live when/if one can, because it tends to enhance the experience. But also know that it can work on your timeline and that being anxious about it is bad for your health. :)

Each Monday we begin at 7amEST with a guided meditation, followed by a focused talk.

I’ll upload the recordings to our shared page shortly after the live session, This includes optional exercises to incorporate into your self practice time, plus a forum for the community to share words and images about their own experiences throughout the week.

Wednesday I will guide a meditation and then give a longer talk followed by Q&A. 7-8:15am

Friday meditations are shared in communal silence. (There will be no talk after.)

The meditation sessions will increase in duration as the course progresses, from roughly 10 minutes to 20. They will all be recorded and downloadable. So no problem at all if you cannot join live.

At the end you’ll have a library of 12 powerful guided experiences to return to whenever you need, plus a handful of silent sessions varying in length.

Fuller description of the course here