Chakra Meditation Series

Chakra Meditation Series


A transformational 7-week journey through your chakras—portals to your most precious and powerful inner resources.

Each week corresponds with a chakra. Each Monday you receive:

  • a guided meditation that gets you direct access to the chakra of the week

  • clear and insightful instruction in how to seek wisdom from the chakra and return it to balance

  • prompts for contemplation and journaling and deepening your exploration

  • simple yet profound tools for continuing the work on your own

When you sign up you get a Chakra Starter Kit, with a guided meditation for checking in with and harmonizing the whole chakra system, as well as a couple of short meditations for properly setting-up and gently settling-in to your meditation practice.

Runs live July 8 - August 19, 2019

$21 for the 7-week course and access to the teachings for a lifetime

FREE if you sign up for the BODY of LIGHT Chakra Retreat

Upgrade to add in 3 mentoring sessions for $210

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