Breakthrough 2-Day Retreat Deposit

Breakthrough 2-Day Retreat Deposit


SEPTEMBER 27 - 29, 2019

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Transforming suffering into wisdom, healing and empowerment

co-facilitated by Aaron Dias + Ariel Kiley // Mt. Tremper Arts, in Mt. Tremper, NY

Deluxe Cabin $980 / Queen Bed Room $660 / Full Bed Room $620 / Single Bed Room $580/ Airstream $580 /

Dorm $440 / Camper $300 / Commuter $235

Final payment due September 1, 2019.

REFUND POLICY: Deposit fully refundable up until September 1, 2019. After that I will ask you to help find a replacement for your spot.

Building the capacity to consciously take on rapid or radical change

For one extraordinary weekend in the beautiful Catskill mountains, Ariel and Aaron invite you into a world where you can discover the trust, love and wisdom required to finally meet your biggest challenges with rooted feet, fiery belly, open heart and clear eyes. Expect deep guided meditations, profound bodywork involving self-massage and Ariel’s ingenious yoga sequencing, tools for navigating crisis and moving out of it toward greater health and happiness, as well as time in nature and in a welcoming, joyful and thoroughly authentic community.

Arrive on Friday night with your heaviest challenge. Step away light on Sunday afternoon, having transformed that suffering into wisdom.



4pm-6pm Arrival 

6pm-7pm Dinner

7pm-9pm Opening Circle: Orientation to the retreat site and schedule. Introduction to the guiding principles of the BREAKTHROUGH process. Primary practices include meditation, physical postures, energetic clearing, self-inquiry, radical acceptance, creative expression, authentic communication, intention-setting.


7am-8am Morning Ritual: Meditation and quiet movement for centering and presence 

8am-10am Silent Breakfast + Free Time: we will all remain in silence until after the 10am workshop.

10am-12pm Embodied Experience: Meditation and movement to avail yourself to the acceptance, strength, and intuition that are essential aspects of the breakthrough process

12pm-3pm Lunch + Free Time

3pm-6pm Authentic Journey: A series of guided exercises to welcome fresh perspective and revelation. Your creative medium of choice will be practiced during this time; Choose in advance if you will be writing your responses, drawing them, playing an instrument or dancing them and bring the necessary supplies (your paints+paper, for instance, your belly-dancing skirt, or your guitar).

6pm-7pm Dinner + Free Time

7pm-9pm Fire Ceremony and Evening Meditation


7am-8am Morning Ritual: Meditation and quiet movement for presence and balance

8am-10am Silent Breakfast + Free Time

10am-1pm Closing Circle: Final workshop with grounding exercises followed by shares and intention setting from every member of the circle. 

1pm-2pm Lunch: connection-making and casual conversation.

2pm - 3pm Departure