Part III: Wisdom

June 17 -23

  • Explore WISDOM and cultivate AWARENESS

  • Cultivate the potential for REVELATION and the art of HONORING revelation. How do we discover what is true and real? And once we do, how do we connect and align with the truth so that it can steer our lives?

  • Understand how a regular, sincere MEDITATION ritual is invaluable for accessing real WISDOM


Join for live meditation M + W + F in the Roots Zoom Room

This week we cultivate the potential for WISDOM through and deepening our access to AWARENESS.

We focus more on Step E of our ABCs, to EXIST as AWARENESS.

21 minutes. We engage with different spaces in the body and the energetic qualities which reside there. We honor our inner resources, the chakras, one by one, and humbly ask for wisdom. 6/17 at 7amEST. 5 participants.

EXPLORE: Check in with the different chakras throughout the day. If the energy centers don’t resonate with you, just check in with different parts of your body. How is your belly experiencing this moment? How is your heart experiencing the person in front of you? Notice how TRUTHs and UNTRUTHs resonate differently in these spaces.

19 minutes. We let go and fall back into awareness. We return to the simplest aspect of being, relating to the experience like space relates to what moves through it. We respond to the minds’s attempts to control our experience with the gesture of nirodaha, a gentle un-gripping surrender which returns us softly back to our home of wholeness and realness. 6/19 at 7am. 6 participants.

16 minutes. We gather wordlessly on the morning of the Summer Solstice. Sounds of gentle rain and my Kingston neighborhood waking up. 6/21/19 at 7am. 6 participants.

Dharma Talks

We discuss wisdom as a natural state of seeing and trusting things as they are. We discuss the principles of truth and how we can feel into the most relevant and resonant truths and let them guide us to health and freedom.

I quote Verse 51 of the Tao Te Ching at the top of the Monday talk. You can find that text on page 3 of our Roots Resources document.

EXPLORE: REVELATION Write down all the most relevant revelations that you have had in your life. Then write the story of one in particular, accounting for how you created the conditions for that “aha!” moment, what the experience felt like and what the ramifications were. Did this revelation change your life? If so, how?

I introduce wisdom from two of my most important teachers, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Adyashanti. With their guidance we explore the nature of AWARENESS. We see how, when we can let everything be as it is, we have the foundation for HONORING what is most valuable in life.

EXPLORE: AWARENESS Notice the negative space this week. Notice the silence under the sound. Feel yourself surrendering to your nature and to the nature of things.

EXPLORE: HONORING REVELATION Think of a recent revelation, an aha moment. Notice how this was a gift from the Whole, from the Truth of Things. It’s only right to say thank you for gifts and honoring is how we do that. Go through the following list of steps in honoring something and see how far you can get.

1. accept — let it be what it is without projecting onto it, encaging it, changing it

2. notice — simply spend some time putting one’s attention on

3. record — set into record so you can return to it

4. return — call attention back to it, like a touchstone

5. explore — spend time curiously and committing to engaging with it, leaving room for discovery

6. understand — come to grasp its nature

7. articulate — come to be able to explain its nature

8. share — find others who are interested in its nature and connect with them about it

9. master — develop practices around it so that the honoring and transformation continues

10. merge — achieve samadhi, or oneness, with this as your touchstone

Work of the Week

  • Show up for your meditation ritual every day without fail. If you are still having trouble with consistency, keep focusing on that. If you're not struggling with that, get comfortable with sitting for about 15 minutes at a time.

  • Log your meditations, noting the date, time and any revelations.

  • Throughout the day, fall back into AWARENESS. Experience the now from a place of simplicity and availability.

  • Contemplate the themes for the week:

    • WISDOM: the state of seeing and trusting the TRUTH of what is.

    • TRUTH: (1) it always wins and has a lasting, staying power (2) it sets us free (3) it is revealed to us in a way that resonates through the whole body

    • AWARENESS: the availability for experience that is with us always

    • REVELATION: the experience of receiving a relevant, resonant insight which, properly honored, will set us free

    • HONORING: the act of respectfully attending to what we value

  • Please SHARE some WISDOM in the comments below. You can share with us a quick update about how your practice is going or any questions that are coming up. (I’ll see them and respond.) We are also happy to hear any revelations or reflections on the themes of the week.

Aaron Dias