Part I: Ritual

June 3 - June 9

  • How to create positive, lasting rituals or habits in our lives

  • How to develop the qualities of SINCERITY and CONSISTENCY

  • Exploration of the meaning(s) of meditation

  • Exploration of core values and beliefs

  • Common obstacles to starting a meditation practice and practical advice

  • Introduction to the ABCs, a template for self-guidance


This week we are building CONSISTENCY foremost, so just make sure that you show up in your meditation space every single day. On days where we don’t meet together, use the audio recordings in this section of the page, or the techniques which I discuss in the weekly videos.

Be sure to log your meditations, noting the date, time and a brief account of your experience. If you have time and feel inspired, take some time contemplating or journaling about what is arising in your practices and why that might be so.

6 minutes The first two steps of the meditation practice are the most important. To ARRIVE and BREATHE create the foundation for all the other work we will do. In this mediation we learn what it feels like to fully arrive into this space and time and the breath that lives here always. 8 participants 6/3/19

EXPLORE: What does it feel like to arrive fully in the here and now? What does it feel like to be divided? What draws you away from the here and now? What returns you? /// What role does the breath play here? What are the lessons of the breath?

6 minutes The third step of the meditation practice is to CONNECT to CARE. In this guided meditation we access our care through contemplating all that made it possible for us to be here today, embarking on this meditation journey together. 8 participants 6/3/19

EXPLORE: Make a list of everything and everyone that makes it possible for you to be here, doing this work. Make it exhaustive! Then look back over it and say thank you to each one.

10 minutes We arrive fully, welcoming all our parts home. We follow the rhythm of the breath and let it teach us about our true nature. We feel into the heart and let its innate capacity to love guide us back to what matters most. 8 participants 6/5/19

8 minutes No guiding voice. Just the singing bowl and morning sounds. 6/7/19 7 participants

Dharma Talks

Here I’ll post our weekly videos every Monday and Wednesday.

Welcome to the Roots of Meditation! We start off as simply as possibly, building consistency, sincerity and awareness.

EXPLORE: VALUES EXERCISE Take a big piece of paper and write down every quality that you passionately believe makes the world better. Move quickly, not worrying about spelling or penmanship or repetition or whatever. Just get it all out. Take a little break. Then come back, look it over, and ask the following questions:

  • Have I missed anything? If so, add it!

  • Are there small concepts that I can fit under the umbrella of bigger concepts? If so, strike out the small ones and keep with the big ones.

  • Of everything left, what are the most important? Pick 5 or so. These are your values my friend!

Definitions of meditation practice and meditative state. Why it's essential to honor our direct experience. Talk through the ABCs, guided meditation template, with dedicated time for steps C-E, Connecting to Care, Directing the Attention and Existing as Awareness.

EXPLORE: MEDITATIVE STATE Make a list of experiences of some degree of the meditative state—flow, letting everything be what it is, total peace, nothing missing nothing extra. Describe what that state feels like as clearly as possible. Explore the circumstances around these experiences. Are the patterns in what prompts them or results from them? Are there things always present for these experiences? Or always absent? What blocks you from being in this state?

The Work of the Week

  • Show up to your meditation space every day without fail. Go through the ABCs; if you are short on time then just do the first few steps. Or listen to a guided meditation.

  • Log your meditations, noting the date, time and a brief account of your experience. If you miss a day, log that and write a bit about why you missed it.

  • Throughout the day, find moments to Arrive, Breathe and Connect to Care

  • Practice contemplation. You can contemplate or explore anything that strikes you while engaging with the course material. This week you might start with themes of RITUAL, HABIT, MEDITATION, CONSISTENCY and SINCERITY. Or you can dive into any EXPLORE prompt that I post under the guided meditations and talks

  • Post your INTRODUCTION to the Prepare for Practice page, and absorb the materials there if you haven’t already.

  • Post your COMMITMENT, plus any reflections or questions that are arising for you this week below!

Aaron Dias