Part IV: Power

June 24 - 30, 2019

  • Explore meditation as EMPOWERMENT. Discover our innate human POWER and bring it back online through our practice.

  • Discover the principles of TRANSFORMATION and how we are all on a JOURNEY of transformation.

  • Learn the OBSTACLES to empowerment and transformation, the KLESHAS, and how to release ourselves from them


Join for live meditation M + W + F in the Roots Zoom Room

This week we cultivate the potential for EMPOWERMENT through our meditation practice

22 minutes. We feel into our purpose, the meaning of this journey we are on. We travel to meet our child self and engage in an exchange of wisdom and love. We travel to meet our elderly self and do the same. We feel ourselves empowered, returned to wholeness right here and now. 7 participants. 6/24/19 at 7amEST

EXPLORE: TRANSFORMATION Sketch out the major hallmarks of your life’s journey so far. Consider the 4 stages of a transformational journey:

  1. ACCEPTANCE/TRUST > On your particular journey, what have you had to learn how to fully accept? What have you had to learn to surrender to? How have you built trust on your journey?

  2. REVELATION/WISDOM > What truths have you learned deeply? What principles are you now ready to root into completely? What have been the “aha” moments that turned you toward some life choices and away from others?

  3. HONORING/INTEGRATION > What life choices have you made in order to honor your highest truths? What life work have you undertaken in order to integrate your deepest wisdom into your being? How are you an ambassador for your truth? What is your purpose here?

  4. EMPOWERMENT/TRANSFORMATION > Look back to times when you have transformed. Perhaps leaving some old pattern or belief or personality or habit behind altogether. Perhaps mastering some new teaching or skill, some new more empowered way of being.

21 minutes. We intuitively choose a chakra to serve as the nexus as our awareness. We envision it as an orb of light radiating out in all directions. We call our circle of trusted loved ones and teachers around us and connect our light to theirs. Then we dissolve fear into trust, dissolve attachment+resistance into acceptance, dissolve noise into clarity and vastness. 6/26/19 at 7amEST. 6 participants.

EXERCISE: NEXUS OF AWARENESS As you walk through the world this week, put your nexus of awareness in one of the chakras, or in a particular space in your physical body. Imagine this space as a source of great power. Notice how that feels.

20 minutes. Silent meditation. 6/28/19. 4 participants

Dharma Talks

Part of your true nature is to be powerful. Only when we stop trying to have false power and accept our real power can we free ourselves from suffering and conflict. Learn the phases of the Transformation Process or the Hero's Journey. For the full Nisargadatta excerpt I read at the end look at page 5 in our Roots Resources document.

EXPLORE: POWER What does power mean to you?

What does it feel like to be disempowered? What kinds of circumstances or activities or relationships make you feel disempowered? What kinds of behaviors do you engage in when you feel disempowered? What are the ramifications of those behaviors, in yourself and in your world?

What does it feel like to be empowered? What kinds of circumstances or activities or relationships make you feel empowered? What kinds of behaviors do you engage in when you feel empowered? What are the ramifications of those behaviors?

Contemplate the differences between power and control.

If you don't claim your full power you are missing out on the great privilege of your lifetime and abandoning your great responsibility to contribute to the Whole. The root causes of our suffering begin with a story of disconnection and disempowerment. We learn how to unravel those root causes.

Let go your attachment to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly step into its own. Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn on you. With this will come great love, which is not choice or predilection or attachment, but a power which makes all things love-worthy and lovable. - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

EXPLORE: ROOTS of SUFFERING Check out the whole extensive resource on this. I’ll just include two EXPLORE prompts, here but there are many more in the document, as well as further information and excerpts from the Yoga Sutras.

EXPLORE: FEAR What am I most afraid of? You might want to ask "why" several times until you get to a rock bottom answer. 

What is the worst case scenario? What would the ramifications be if this fearful thing came true? Why is that so scary to me? 

EXPLORE: UNMET NEEDS There is something about this situation that triggers your animal need for safety. Is there an essential need that you fear will go unmet? 

Is there something present or looming that you feel might destroy you or what you value most? What is so valuable here that, when threatened, you feel it is a “life or death" scenario? What is it that's at stake? 

Work of the Week

  • Show up for your meditation ritual every day without fail. If you are still having trouble with consistency, reach out to me. If you’re doing ok with that, get comfortable with sitting for about 20 minutes at a time.

  • Log your meditations, noting the date, time and any revelations or transformational experiences.

  • Throughout the day, feel yourself as the HERO, the protagonist on a sacred JOURNEY.

  • Contemplate the themes for the week:

    • EMPOWERMENT: arriving into our wholeness as a human being

    • TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY: On our way to empowerment we have to take a journey. What has your journey been all about?

    • KLESHAS: A journey is marked by challenges along the way. In the Yoga Sutras (and other ancient Sanskrit texts) the primary causes of suffering and difficulty are the KLESHAS. The Roots of Suffering document gives you a lot more info about this, as well as a series of prompts to work with.

  • Please SHARE some about your TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY in the comments below. You can share with us a quick update about how your practice is going or any questions that are coming up. We are also happy to hear any revelations or reflections on the themes of the week.

Aaron Dias