Part II: Health

June 10 - June 16

  • Continue to show up daily for your MEDITATION RITUAL

  • Explore principles of HEALTH

  • Understand how a regular MEDITATION RITUAL engenders genuine HEALTH

  • Develop the qualities of TRUST and ACCEPTANCE

  • Cultivate the art of ATTENTION through STEP D


Join for live meditation M + W + F in the Roots Zoom Room

This week we cultivate TRUST and ACCEPTANCE and the art of ATTENTION via STEP D. We discover that HEALTH is the experience of all our parts working harmoniously.

12 minutes We cultivate a sense of belonging to our outer environment and harmonizing our inner environment. We build the feeling of trust in the meditation seat. Then we learn an ancient Sanskrit mantra so hum which means “I am.” We feel into the truth of this statement as we repeat it to the rhythm of the breath. 6/10/19 at 7am. 5 participants.

EXPLORE: TRUST What does it feel like to experience TRUST? What does it feel like to experience a lack of trust? What inspires a state of TRUST in your meditation seat?

17 minutes. We arrive into a state of trust, breathe in and out an exchange of interconnectedness and connect to a care for the self—this unique and precious piece of the universe of which each one of us is caretaker. Then we do a simple chakra scan, from top to bottom, envisioning a spectrum of light orbs, from red to violet. 6/12/19 at 7am. 9 participants

RESOURCE: CHAKRAS The Chakras are energy centers that live along the front of the spine. Each of the seven represents a different essential aspect of being human. If they are not all healthy and in harmonious exchange of resources among themselves, the human experiences ill health. Here is a link to more information about the Chakras if you’re curious!

12 minutes No guiding voice. Just some morning sounds from the sauna in my backyard in Kingston, NY. 6/14/19 at 7am. 6 participants

Dharma Talks

Introduction to the themes and the work of the week, including a definition of health, the importance of trust and how to master our power of attention.

EXPLORE: HEALTH What does HEALTH mean to you?

  • What is going on with your health right now? Consider physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health.

  • Have you ever experienced a healing journey? What were the steps along the way? What were the conditions that made the journey successful?

  • How do you believe your meditation practice links up with your understanding of health, your personal experience of health and your journeys of health?

I go over some relevant passages from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, including an account of the three stages of meditation--dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Then we discuss health, trust and acceptance.

RESOURCE: I made a Roots Resources document including the parts of the Yoga Sutras to which I have been referring. I will continue to add references there as the course goes on.

The most simple, approachable, intuitive and inspiring version of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the one by Mukunda Stiles.

By popular request, I will be teaching more Sutras in the Fall, including at my October retreat!

EXERCISE: Go around saying, “I accept you,” throughout your day. Perhaps, “I see you, I respect you, I accept you.” Treat yourself with great acceptance, see if you can fall into a feeling that there is nothing to fix, not even anything to heal about you! That, at least for this moment, you are perfect.

EXPLORE: What does it mean to ACCEPT someone or something completely? What does it feel like to be fully accepted, to be seen and respected in your own true nature? What are the things we do when we are not in acceptance?

Work of the Week

  • Show up for your meditation ritual every day without fail. If you are still having trouble with consistency, keep focusing on that. If you're not struggling with that, get comfortable with sitting for about 10 minutes.

  • Log your meditations, noting the date, time and a brief account of your experience.

  • Throughout the day, notice where you put your attention and its quality.

  • Contemplate the themes for the week:

    • HEALTH is simply the state of harmony to which all things are constantly in the process of returning. We cannot will HEALING to happen, but we can cultivate conditions for this natural process to take place.

    • TRUST is the experience of full belonging and interconnectedness. It is the hallmark of healthy relationship and the antidote to FEAR which is the hallmark of suffering.

    • ACCEPTANCE is the experience of letting everything be as it is, without trying to make it into something else.

    • ATTENTION is the most essential way to connect with something that we have chosen as valuable.

  • Post a SHARE comments below. You can share with us a quick update about how your practice is going or any questions that are coming up. (I’ll see them and respond.) We are also happy to hear any revelations or reflections on the themes of the week's.

Aaron Dias