Part V: Gratitude

July 1 - 3, 2019

We’ve made it to our closing week! When we prepare to stride forth into the next chapter of our being with a deep sense of health and wisdom and empowerment.

  • Explore meditation as GRATITUDE, which is the capacity to experience the journey in full appreciation of the GIFTS that you receive along the way.

  • Learn what it means to be an EMBODIMENT of your values and to have trusting access to health, wisdom and power through all the changing aspects of life.

  • Develop the capacity for a deep sense of PEACE

  • EXPRESS your healing gifts of wisdom with others and be seen, heard, received by the circle

MONDAY 7am EST: guided meditation followed by a talk and Q&A. Bring any and all QUESTIONS!

WEDNESDAY 7am EST: guided meditation followed by the Closing Circle. Bring your CLOSING OFFERING! You can share about anything at all. Reflect on your journey. Consider your revelations and transformations.

  • You can express your share in whatever medium resonates most with you.

  • The share should take under 5 minutes to present.

  • If you cannot join live, send me your share by Noon on Tuesday July 2


Join for live meditation M + W in the Roots Zoom Room

This week we cultivate the energies of GRATITUDE and PEACE through our meditation practice.

We master steps F + G of the ABCs, finishing with clarity and going forth as an EMBODIMENT of our values.

21 minutes. We feel into a deep state of peace. Then, into the clear sky of our true nature, we manifest the challenging emotional experiences of anxiety, anger and sadness. We gain wisdom and, ultimately, amplify the deep feelings of peace. Because once we realize that it cannot really be disturbed, even by such rough storms, we trust it all the more deeply. 7/1/19 at 7amEST. 5 participants.

EXERCISE: EMOTIONS The emotional body holds a lot of wisdom but we too often don’t get to access that wisdom because we never learned how to sit through the less comfortable parts of the process. If we allow the teachings to come through, then the discomfort comes, does its work, and then leaves your system. If, on the other hand, we keep resisting the discomfort, we actually trap that emotional experience inside of the body and let it build up into things like chronic anxiety, clinical depression, heart-attack-causing anger and resentment.

The next time that you feel an intense emotional response, can you make a space of peace and acceptance around that experience? Can you take a moment to examine the emotion with curiosity and respect? Where does it seem to live in the body? What does that space feel like? Does the emotional experience have a texture or color or shape or temperature? Does it move? If so what is the quality and directionality of that movement? Note anything at all.

Then consider how you tend to respond to this emotion. Do you try to avoid it or battle against it? Do you let yourself be totally overwhelmed by it? Do you act it out in dramatic words and gestures? What are you trying to protect with these responses? And from what?

What is this emotion here to teach you?

24 minutes. We touch into the deepest state of peace available. Then we find ourselves at the center of ceremony marking a moment of great transformation. We finally walk across that bridge and arrive into the world we have been envisioning.

Dharma Talks and Closing Circle

We've arrived at the end of the journey and, as we look back, we discover a deep experience of gratitude and peace. I tell about my own most recent journey of revelation and transformation. I get a little emotional as I impress upon you all the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can see you, accept you, acknowledge you, let you be you and love you for it.

EXPLORE: GRATITUDE AND PEACE These are the energies we feel when an experience has completed and we are looking back at the revelations and transformations and seeing that all has been perfect. Consider the last time you felt like this. What were you grateful for? What had you come to peace with? How can you apply the lessons from your own past to whatever your present experience may be.

Each circle member shares some wisdom from their own personal experience. So much beauty and learning and transforming happening in this group. As you sit at the feet of each of these gurus in turn, you may need a tissue...

Work of the Week

  • Show up for your meditation ritual for the next 3 days without fail. This part of the journey is almost over! Surrender to it. Savor it.

  • Log your meditations. Also do some creative expressing about the journey.

  • Explore the themes of the week:

    • FINISHING: What is the energy of finishing? How can we finish something in the way that we move forward with GRATITUDE and PEACE? This is step F.

    • GRATITUDE: What do you organically feel grateful for at this point? What does that gratitude feel like in your body? What have been the gifts along the journey? How can you stay connected to that gratitude moving forward?

    • PEACE: What have you made peace with along the way? What does that peace feel like in your body? What has been put to rest along this journey? As you move forward, can you move forward in a way that honors this peace and perpetuates and amplifies it?

    • EMBODIMENT: How can you be the embodiment of your values as you stride into this next chapter? This is step G, Going Forth as Meditation.

    • EXPRESSING: Tap into what is most resonant and relevant for you right now and express it in your CLOSING OFFERING. Allow yourself to be seen and heard and acknowledged and supported.

      • You can express your share in whatever medium resonates most with you.

      • The share should take under 5 minutes to present.

      • If you cannot join live, send me your share by Noon on Tuesday July 2

  • In addition to sharing your OFFERING in the CLOSING CIRCLE, you can post it below so that the circle can see you, hear you, recognize you and support you. You can also post questions below. And everyone please support what is shared in trust and vulnerability there with your comments and upvotes!

Aaron Dias