ROOTS: June 2019


image by Sarah Wilmer

image by Sarah Wilmer

June 3 through July 3, 2019

This online meditation course is ideal for:

  • total beginners to meditation

  • those who are struggling to create a consistent meditation habit

  • those who are craving deeper meditation experiences

  • those craving a clearer understanding of how meditation actually works

  • those who would like to successfully guide others in meditative experiences

Meditation is such a huge subject that it can be difficult to know where or how to begin. We will keep things simple, relatable and sequential, but without squeezing the vastness, nuance and power out of this profound practice. Whether you have come for healing, insights, transformation or all of the above, this course will give you practical and profound tools for reaching your personal goals.

A sincere meditation practice is not just another item on your to-do list. It is your daily check-in with what matters most. It is your time to meet what you are made of and develop your approach to being in the world. Done right, meditation is the best possible foundation for all the other doing in your day.

In this online course I offer up the most clear, concise and practical teachings on starting a meditation practice that meets your individual needs and goals and lasts a lifetime.


M+W+F at 7am EST

We will meet 3 days per week for live meditation sessions. (Mondays and Wednesdays are guided, Fridays are silent) The meditations will increase in duration as the course progresses, from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, so that we can gently and gradually become comfortable with longer sitting times.

These will all be recorded and downloadable. So no problem at all if you cannot join live. And at the end of the course you will have your own fantastic library of meditations ranging in duration, subject and style.


I will give a brief talk (think 10 minutes or so) each Monday morning, after the guided meditation. In the Monday talk I will introduce you to our themes for the week.

Wednesday mornings, after we meditate together, I will give a longer talk followed by Q&A, staying on the line until about 8am. This is when I will dive more deeply into the work of the week and respond to the concerns and questions coming up for you.


All along the way you will have the opportunity to interact with the rest of the community through the comments sections for the coursework. Sharing the process with companions brings a great amount of support and inspiration.


So often we approach things sideways, or from the wrong platform, and end up creating lots of obstacles for ourselves unknowingly. I’ve guided enough folks through this process at this point to see that there is a natural order to creating a powerful, personal meditation practice. I have organized the course in such a way that you will establish the foundations first, then build upon them simply and organically.


$20 off for you + $20 off for a friend

when you both sign-up and use the code FRIENDS

When asked what benefits they received from Aaron’s previous online courses, here are some responses:

  • “Improved mood, clearer understanding about how I want to reshape my life & focusing much more on the present moment”

  • “I'm more present in my relationships. I don't feel such volatile emotional mood swings during the day. I wake up earlier and have a completely different first thirty minutes of my day.”

  • “A greater ability to cope with issues, more self confidence; less fear”

  • “I achieved greater self awareness and had some good realizations. My daughter said I wasn't harsh with her when I was meditating. I experienced more empathy and less anger.”

  • “I have the feeling that I can do this and keep it going on my own!”

This course has been extremely helpful for folks in the past but this is the last time I’m going to offer anything quite next year. (I have a membership program coming in the fall instead.) So please, if you’re interested, sign up now!

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