QUANTUM LEAP: April-May 2019

image by Sarah Wilmer

image by Sarah Wilmer

April 1 through May 8, 2019

An authentic spiritual life and an authentic creative life go together like day and night, left and right, yin and yang, dance and song. What they make together is one whole, complete, empowered and enchanted human life.

Welcome to Quantum Leap. I have been sitting with the seeds of this project for a long time and am really excited to see it finally bloom. It is fundamentally an online meditation course but we will also be developing complimentary practices of investigation and self-expression, allowing all these practices to mutually nourish and inform one another, enabling breakthroughs and transformations which had seemed impossible before.

Through meditation we learn how to honor our own experience, empower our inner teacher and healer, and access important revelations. Through creative practices of all kinds—written, visual, auditory, movement based, etc.—we take the revelations of meditation, explore them, and express them authentically to the world. This is no small thing, for we will also discover that it is through authentic expression we become bringers of wisdom and healing that the world so desperately needs.

This online meditation course is ideal for those seeking:

• a more regular and effective meditation practice

• a more fruitful and satisfying artistic life

• greater connection between meditation practice and daily life

• access to acceptance, insight and transformation 

• access to creative energy and mastery of the creative process

• liberation from old patterns of suffering

• support for manifesting authentic works of creative expression.

We will encounter obstacles as we prepare to leap, of course. These have been causing us to feel divided, co-dependent and disempowered.

But through meditation, investigation and the creative process, we will discover the road back to connection, harmony and empowerment.


Aaron leads meditations M+W+F 7amEST, April 1- May 8, 2019

Everything is recorded and you retain access to the website until July 31, 2019. I recommend joining live when/if one can, because it tends to enhance the experience. But also know that it can work on your timeline and that being anxious about it is bad for your health. :)

Each Monday we begin at 7amEST with a guided meditation, followed by a focused talk.

I’ll upload the recordings to our shared page shortly after the live session, This includes optional exercises to incorporate into your self practice time, plus a forum for the community to share words and images about their own experiences throughout the week.

Wednesday I will guide a meditation and then give a longer talk followed by Q&A. 7-8:15am

Friday meditations are shared in communal silence. (There will be no talk after.)

The meditation sessions will increase in duration as the course progresses, from roughly 10 minutes to 20. They will all be recorded and downloadable. So no problem at all if you cannot join live.

At the end you’ll have a library of 12 powerful guided experiences to return to whenever you need, plus a handful of silent sessions varying in length.

Every person yearns for the complete human experience. When we feel disconnected to any aspect of our innate human power—our inherent inner resources—then we feel incomplete, lacking, dissatisfied. In this course we will look at three fundamental powers or resources. The power to EXPERIENCE to EXPLORE and to EXPRESS. These powers must be lovingly accepted and responsibly cultivated in order for us to access the healing, insight and transformation that we seek.

Like all powers, these come with privileges and responsibilities. When we don’t embrace the privilege of an innate human power, we feel as if we are missing out on some great gift from the world. And when we don't accept the responsibility of our power, our great gift TO the world feels incomplete.

Because these are powers each individual must assume on his or her own, until we show up and do our work here, we will continue to experience incompleteness, disconnection, suffering. And because we live in an interconnected web of relationship, this directly effects those who we related to, and through them ripples outward, effecting the whole web, our whole world.

EXPERIENCE: No one else can experience on your behalf. It is your privilege and responsibility to honor your own direct experience and to manage the harmony of your own inner world.

The main practice for cultivating the power of EXPERIENCE is meditation with all that it entails, including establishing rituals (space and time for honoring what you most value), cultivating the powers of attention and awareness, tracking daily patterns in a non-attached way, cultivating relationships with your resources, establishing inner harmony.

I’ll teach you how to set up a daily meditation ritual first thing. Getting even a simple, daily practice going is a foundational piece which makes success with the other steps possible for, of course, you are experiencing while you do the other steps! And each week I’ll give you things to focus on in your meditation practice to enhance its benefits.

EXPLORE: Each person has the responsibility and the privilege of exploring the nature of reality for him or herself, having personal revelations and direct encounters with the truth.

Here I will encourage any INVESTIGATIVE practices that you already rely on and will guide you through weekly exercises of:

tracking — logging and observing your experiences in an unattached way

inquiry — facing reality yourself, embracing the big questions; asking why until you get to the bedrock of truth

contemplation — just being with a question, an intention, a quality, etc.

discovery — creating conditions for for authentic revelation to arise, honoring that revelation

integration — doing whatever it takes to live the truths that have been revealed to you

You will learn so much about yourself and your world through the EXPLORE aspect of the course. You will gain access to the joy of being in a world where there is always something fascinating to learn, and to the trust that develops from being in direct, intimate contact with yourself and reality, not needing anyone else to access the truth on your behalf.

EXPRESS: It is not enough to have experienced and explored truth, we must also express it. We live in a shared web of being, resources consistently flowing among each Part of the Whole. Our work here is not complete until we are able to plug back into that web of being, relating to the Whole in a valuable, positive way.

The main practice for doing this is CREATIVE EXPRESSION/ART MAKING. I'll encourage you to lean into whatever medium you’re inclined toward—written, visual, auditory, movement based, etc. I will be giving weekly prompts each week to inspire you.

It turns out that the previous phase, EXPLORE, creates snippets of authentic creative expression as its natural byproduct. This is good news, especially for those who feel blocked at the beginning of the creative process. We will never have a totally “blank canvas,” for we will use the output from the EXPLORE phase as the raw material for our self-expression.

No one else can tell your story. No one else can dance your path. No one else can sing your song. As you develop your expressive power you finally learn how to move through the world as your authentic self.

TRANSFORM: There is one more major power that we will look at in the end: our nature to transform and liberate ourselves from suffering. Here there is an outer practice, CEREMONY, but the inner practice is the most important. It can only be understood after you have made the leap…


M+W+F at 7am EST, April 1 - May 8, 2019

Mondays: Guided meditation + 15 minute talk

Wednesdays: Guided meditation + 45 minute talk and Q&A

Fridays: Silent group meditation (no talk afterward)

Monday, April 1 will be a special opening session, lasting from 7-8am

Wednesday, May 8 will be a special closing session, lasting from 7-8:30am


I'm learning to stand as an aware space. To be the seer. The last couple of weeks I’ve been able to notice when fears arise and, instead of automatically shutting down, I’ve been able to face the situation from a calm, centered, wise place, instead of my ego, which is new for me. It feels peaceful to resolve things then and there, instead of repressing and festering. Things are as they should be.

- Noelle, Animator, Kingston, NY

I've been so moved by the course. I've been talking about it a lot to friends and applying some of the framework to how I think about my path. It's helped me realize that I actually really care about what I do, and that I've already organized my life around a sense of care, so the work is getting out of my own way and not letting other people or obstacles obscure what I already know.

- Naveen, Writer, Manhattan, NY

I am making peace with the things I am most afraid of and trusting it will all be okay! The anger, anxiety and fear still arise, but I have the tools to allow them to leave and let go, to be present in the Here and Now instead of spiraling out of control down a rabbit hole of worry and regret.

I am grateful to you, Aaron, my teacher, for sparking a light on my authentic path, toward a deeper meditation practice and becoming the kind of gentle, calm and reflective mother I want to be.

- Joy, Animator, Queens, NY


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