Below you’ll find links to a variety of guided meditations. They’re arranged in order of length, with 5 minute experiences at the top and 20 minute experiences at the bottom.


5 minutes

A simple exercise for regaining a sense of connectedness and power when you feel out of alignment with what's happening in your life.

So Hum Mantra

5 minutes

So hum can be translated as "I am." It is a direct connection with our most basic condition: BEING. This is one of the most ancient Sanskrit mantras and, while it is simple, its significance is extremely profound. It brings us away from all the small, false identities which are the source of delusion and suffering and brings us home to cosmic consciousness. In this meditation we learn how to not simply say the mantra in the mind, but to embody it with our whole selves.


10 minutes

The meditation practice is, primarily, a sacred time that we set aside, a safe space that we hold apart so that we can cultivate a very particular energy--one of radical acceptance. Any real revelations that come to you are a result of this acceptance of what is.

Mountain Stream

10 minutes

Arrive in nature. Wash away sticky thoughts and emotions.

Nothing Missing, Nothing Extra

11 minutes

We visualize the qualities that we most crave living at our center. Then we watch as those powerful resources burn way all that's extra--the qualities that feel negative, unwanted, distracting.

Reveling in Wholeness

11 minutes

Drop the illusion of separateness in this exercise connecting you back to the earth, the air and the human family.


11 minutes

When we align with the moment, acknowledging and accepting it exactly as it shows up, we prepare ourselves for revelations of  truth.


11 minutes

We explore the leap from revelation to integration--whereby we begin living in a way that honors our deepest truths. It ends with a contemplation question that I invite you to explore throughout the coming days and weeks.

Sensing Out of Separateness

13 minutes

This is a meditation for breaking down the imagined barriers between you and your world. Using the gateways of the senses we connect to all around us.

Inner Sun

13 minutes

A guided meditation that gets you in touch with that powerful inner presence which radiates light, warmth, connection, life and love.

Chakra Scan

18 minutes

Discover the major energy centers in your body and develop a deep relationship to them.

Origins of Anxiety

20 minutes

We learn how to dance with our meditation object. Then we journey to the origins of our relationship with anxiety.

Embracing Transformation

20 minutes

If you’re ready to step into a new chapter of being, one with less anxiety and more authenticity, it might be time for a right of passage meditation. We’ll reflect on our journey and then step bravely into a new relationship with worry and with truth.

Energy Explorer

21 minutes

We engage our curiosity and travel through the different energies in the body. We meet anxiety at the end, curious about what it is and how it works.

Emotional Balance

21 minutes

We become what is bigger than our challenging emotions so that we can explore their nature and learn from them.

Aaron Dias