our lovely meditation hall overlooking garden, river and waterfall

our lovely meditation hall overlooking garden, river and waterfall

3 Days of Restorative Silent Meditation, Rejuvenating Yoga and Inspiring Sutra Study

October 17 - 20

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center, Craryville, NY

The practical teachings of an ancient meditation manual become transformative in this particular setting of natural beauty, clear teachings, peaceful silence, enlightening company and a wisely organized retreat structure.

  • 4 meditation sessions, 2 movement sessions per day

  • become well-versed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • develop new understanding about the nature of meditation and new techniques

  • experience deeper meditative states

  • remove obstacles to your meditation practice

  • deepen trust in your own awakening process


When we are not in a practice session you are free to roam the 130 beautiful acres of Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center. Many consider the land to have unique healing properties.

One of my own deepest awakening experiences happened on silent retreat, while studying the Yoga Sutras.

Several years ago, on my own silent meditation retreat in Upstate New York, I realized how powerful Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras can be when experienced in the right context.

The ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali comes alive with my engaging, embodied and authentic approach.

Sutra I.33. When we see how something which seemed in opposition is actually in union, it changes our relationship to everything. This decreases our suffering and enhances our capacity for love and wisdom.

During the retreat we will study this Sutra and learn related practices for bringing its wisdom to life on Friday morning.

Silence and stillness bring us back home to the parts of self which are already whole, healthy, natural and wise. Yoga and time in nature helps us move stuck energy and reconnect to our most nurturing inner and outer resources. Study, contemplation and self-inquiry lead us to new understanding and true transformation.

This will be my last retreat of 2019. Reach out if you want to hop on the phone and discuss if this retreat is a good fit for your needs. aaron@forevermarvel.com



4-6:30pm Check-in

6:30pm Dinner + Pumpkin Hollow Orientation

7-9pm Overview of the Yoga Sutras + Opening Circle + Entering into Silence

FRIDAY 10/18

7am Coffee, tea and OJ available

7:30am Sunrise Stillness

8am Breakfast 

10am Yoga Sutras Book 1 Study + Guided Movement

12pm Day Stillness

12:30pm Lunch

4pm Sunset Stillness

4:30pm Free Movement

6:30pm Dinner

8pm Yoga Sutras Book 2 Study + Group Inquiry

9pm Night Stillness


7am Coffee, tea and OJ available

7:30am Sunrise Stillness

8am Breakfast 

10am Yoga Sutras Book 3 Study + Guided Movement

12pm Day Stillness

12:30pm Lunch

4pm Sunset Stillness

4:30pm Free Movement

6:30pm Dinner

8pm Yoga Sutras Book 4 Study + Group Inquiry

9pm Night Stillness

SUNDAY 10/20

7am Coffee, tea and OJ available

7:30am Sunrise Meditation

8am Breakfast

9am-10am Elements Ceremony + Hero’s Walk

10am-12pm Closing Circle + Emerging from Silence

12:30-2pm Lunch + Packing Out


Yoga Sutras Study. Each evening and morning I’ll offer a concise and engaging talk elucidating the wisdom of Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and connecting it practically to the practices that you’re doing throughout the retreat.

The 12pm "Day Stillness" will be guided by Aaron. All other meditations will be held in silence.

Free Movement is a time when you can come and do a self-guided movement practice in the company of Aaron and other retreat participants. You are also welcome to use that time to do your journaling or artistic practice in the shared space (“movement” of your hands and your creative energy) or simply go off on your own adventure.

Group Inquiry is a time where Aaron will address your write-in questions or comments. If you want something addressed in that evening’s Group Inquiry, you must submit your written request by the 4pm “Sunset Stillness” session.

Testimonials from previous retreat attendees

“Aaron always structures retreats and workshops that are thoughtfully tailored to the moment in time, what's going on in the world, and even the specific attendees. Her intuition, wisdom, and inspiration helped me achieve deep introspection and significant growth during this special weekend. I am much changed for the better since I first started working with her a few years ago. Aaron's abilities as a spiritual healer are unsurpassed.”

-Jenny Hobbs, Lawyer

“Aaron has the ability to create a comfortable, nurturing and healing space for each participant. Everyone's needs were met or exceeded be they spiritual, emotional or physical. The retreat allowed for intense working sessions as well as enough free time to integrate and relax in the natural setting. Social time was fun and felt both authentic and refreshing.”

- Sharon Burns-Leader, Owner Bread Alone Bakery

“Body of Light was my first ever retreat experience, and it was transformative. I have already put many of the lessons I learned at the retreat to use in my daily life and am sure that I will continue to do so.”

- Kim Rhodes, Professor

“I would so highly recommend any class, workshop, or retreat with Aaron! Her knowledge is impressively vast and her teaching style is so down to earth. Aaron always includes her personal experiences of how these practices have influenced and benefited her, which makes it so much more accessible and easier to understand how to incorporate the practices into your own life.”

- Julie Fischoff, Art Teacher

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In the Thursday night session expect to learn the famous introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, including the classical definition of meditation, and simple yet profound techniques for accessing the “union” of yoga.

In the Book 1 teachings we will learn the Brahma Viharas, the Four Abodes, how to cultivate a loving presence that honors the ever-changing experiences of human consciousness.

In the Book 2 teachings we will discover the Kleshas, the Roots of Suffering and how to address and uproot what ends up taking us away from peace, health and wisdom.

In the Book 3 teachings we will look toward the Vibhutis or Empowerments that arise through a dedicated meditation practice. Learning how to celebrate the self-realization process—which, if you’re on retreat, is already well under way!—helps us encourage that process and usher it along.

In the Book 4 teachings we will look toward Kaivalya, the way that truth ultimately leads to Natural Freedom. Seeing how natural this self-realization process truly helps us trust it. Trust allows that final surrender that delivers us into the arms of the Truth, and releases us at last from fear and into freedom.