Retreats 2019

I have spots for 2 more retreats this year.

September 27 - 29 BREAKTHROUGH 2-day transformation experience co-led with ariel kiley

October 17-21 WAY OF TRUTH 3-day silent meditation retreat and revelatory yoga sutra study

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With questions write Happy to set up a call to discuss which retreat would be best for your needs.

Retreat is the most conducive practice that I have found for giving people direct access to their own powerful wisdom, serenity, wholeness, joy and freedom—experiences that are always available, but too often are out of reach because of unresolved blockages, the conditioning of our inherently incoherent world culture, or some combination of such factors.

You will leave behind the environments, endeavors and relationships that keep you unconsciously stuck in old, worn-out patterns. You will get to devote all your time and energy to the most real and true aspects of your life, ones that too often get neglected, to your detriment, in the daily modern scramble. All of this is will be amplified by the trust-generating presence of experienced, skillful and loving guidance (me, and my incredible co-teachers and assistants) and a welcoming, bright and dynamic community to enliven and sweeten the journey.

The organic beauty of the retreat environment, the balanced design of the retreat schedule, the potency of the techniques and teachings that we practice together, make my retreats, hands down, the most powerful offering available for healing, insight and positive transformation. 


2 Day Transformation Immersion

September 27 - 29 at Mt. Tremper Arts, Mt. Tremper, NY

co-led with Ariel Kiley

Building the capacity to consciously take on rapid or radical change

For one extraordinary weekend in the beautiful Catskill mountains, Ariel and Aaron invite you into a world where you can discover the trust, love and wisdom required to finally meet your biggest challenges with rooted feet, fiery belly, open heart and clear eyes.

Expect deep guided meditations, profound bodywork involving self-massage and Ariel’s ingenious yoga sequencing, tools for navigating crisis and moving out of it toward greater health and happiness, as well as time in nature and as a member of a welcoming, joyful and thoroughly authentic community of practitioners.

Arrive on Friday night with your heaviest challenge. Step away light on Sunday afternoon, leaving the suffering behind, carrying just your wisdom.

Want a sneak preview of the Breakthrough Process?

Or a chance to ask Ariel and Aaron your questions?

We're hosting a live Zoom video introduction on

Sunday, September 15th, 4-5pm



3 Day Silent Meditation and Sutra Study Retreat

October 17 - 20 at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center, Craryville, NY. Silence and stillness bring us back home to the parts of self which are already whole, healthy, natural and wise. Study, contemplation and inquiry lead us to new understanding and true transformation.

The day is framed by 4 silent meditation sessions. Daily yoga class and study session, where we will dive into the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There is powerful and resonant medicine for the modern spiritual practitioner in this ancient text to be revealed by Aaron’s unorthodox but deeply researched approach.

Why do we go on retreat?

Testimonials from previous retreat attendees

“Aaron always structures retreats and workshops that are thoughtfully tailored to the moment in time, what's going on in the world, and even the specific attendees. Her intuition, wisdom, and inspiration helped me achieve deep introspection and significant growth during this special weekend. I am much changed for the better since I first started working with her a few years ago. Aaron's abilities as a spiritual healer are unsurpassed.”

-Jenny Hobbs, Lawyer

“Aaron has the ability to create a comfortable, nurturing and healing space for each participant. Everyone's needs were met or exceeded be they spiritual, emotional or physical. The retreat allowed for intense working sessions as well as enough free time to integrate and relax in the natural setting. Social time was fun and felt both authentic and refreshing.”

- Sharon Burns-Leader, Owner Bread Alone Bakery

“Body of Light was my first ever retreat experience, and it was transformative. I have already put many of the lessons I learned at the retreat to use in my daily life and am sure that I will continue to do so.”

- Kim Rhodes, Professor

“I would so highly recommend any class, workshop, or retreat with Aaron! Her knowledge is impressively vast and her teaching style is so down to earth. Aaron always includes her personal experiences of how these practices have influenced and benefited her, which makes it so much more accessible and easier to understand how to incorporate the practices into your own life.”

- Julie Fischoff, Art Teacher

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