11am - 7pm September 28, 2019

Mt. Tremper Arts, in the Catskills of NY


Join a wise, kind community in a beautiful place in nature. Receive expert guidance in ancient practices for healing and insight

Join a wise, kind community in a beautiful place in nature. Receive expert guidance in ancient practices for healing and insight

Join me September 28, 2019 from 11am-7pm for a day of meditation, yoga, energy work and self-inquiry.

Our time together will be framed by the Yogic and Buddhist teachings of the Four Abodes. These are profound and potentially life-changing teachings about how to relate to the world in a healthy, loving way, no matter the circumstances.

Life requires us to be constantly adapting and evolving. To break through our old patterns when they don’t serve us and to up-level and build new skills when our authentic self asks for growth. In this one-day retreat you’ll discover practices for tapping into an ever-present peace and wisdom, no matter what ups and downs you are experiencing. You’ll develop a deep trust in your own process of breakthrough and transformation, no matter where in the process you happen to be.

$150 for a day of guided practices plus a healthy, delicious lunch and dinner

Painful experience is a call to your hero’s journey. That’s where we build new skills and shed old patterns and emerge with a much deeper sense of trust. Retreat is one way to answer this call.

We’ll be doing the workshops in this beautiful studio


We’ll have our meals and quiet reflection time between workshops in the Main House.

And if you want to stay overnight, there are some really sweet accommodations.



10:30-10:45am Arrival

11am-1pm  Healthy Relating to Pleasure & Pain Workshop: meditation, yoga/energy work, chanting and application of Buddhist/Yogic teachings

1pm-2pm Catered lunch + solo time to reflect on prompts from the first workshop

2pm-5pm Healthy Relating to Success & Failure Workshop: meditation, yoga/energy work, chanting, self-inquiry/journaling and application of Buddhist/Yogic teachings

5-7pm Fire Ceremony + Catered Dinner

For those interested in staying overnight, reach out and I’ll give you more details about Saturday night accommodations and the simple Sunday morning program.

Testimonials from a call Aaron led on the Breakthrough Process

The call really opened up some doors for me. The last two days have been just extraordinarily productive and, simultaneously, extraordinarily restive. Everything seemed to flow and I felt in a relaxed mental state—out of control, but in command— with complete and total attention to the work at hand and no distractions pulling my mind away from the tasks in front of me. When doing my work, I was fully engaged in doing my work and when I took some time off, I could truly and deeply enjoy it by giving it the same level of awareness.  

These are ideas that I have read in books and blogs over the past few years but they haven’t always resulted in an actual change in behavior. The work you both did really helped bring it into the present moment so it was actionable, not just conceptual. I wanted again to say “thanks” for the last two great days of high performance!   

David Iwinski Jr.

I loved this class, thanks so much for sharing some wisdom and dharma on a beautiful fall Sunday. Gave me a real boost.

-Sasha Erwitt

Laughter is definitely an important part of the Process.

Laughter is definitely an important part of the Process.

*A note on sharing. A few people have mentioned concern about feeling too vulnerable to share out loud about their own breakthrough process, so I wanted to address that here.

I will be giving a handful of contemplation prompts throughout the day and guiding you through a couple of self-inquiry practices. These are all for you to work out in your inner consciousness or your private notebook. There is no need or requirement to share about these things with the group.

There will be a few select opportunities to share but it’s totally up to you what you choose to express or not express, and sharing is never obligatory.

I am foremost dedicated to facilitating a safe space where each retreat member has the autonomy to participate in the ways that she/he/they feel comfortable and authentically called.