BODY OF LIGHT: 4-Day Exploration of the Chakras



BREAKTHROUGH Retreat September 27-29

WAY OF TRUTH Retreat October 17-20


August 1-5, 2019

WON Dharma Center

Claverack, NY

In this retreat we will dive deeply into each of the seven chakras, the archetypal energy centers of your body of light, sources of your inherent inner power. 

You can expect daily yoga, meditation, community, ceremony and concise and insightful lectures about the most important spiritual themes--themes that often come across as woo woo or vague in other contexts. Through the practices you will make personal discoveries about the present state of your energy body, how to heal it and how to use the more finely tuned and harmonized chakras in order to superfuel the next chapter of your journey.

You will leave feeling healed, aligned, invigorated and transformed. Most precious of all, you will return to the world with a connection to your own resources which no one else can sever, plus a trusty toolbox for returning to those resources again and again.

I will draw on my own deep understanding of various lineages of Yoga, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Native American Shamanism, as well as a bit of contemporary science and Western philosophy and psychology in order to guide you to personal experiences with your own body of light.

Recommended minimum of 1 year yoga asana practice. No exposure to the chakras, chanting or meditation necessary.

Won Dharma Center  is a green community designed with sensitivity to nature and issues of Sustainable Design, the center consists of eco-friendly buildings designed to provide a tranquil and meditative atmosphere. The Won Dharma Center won the 2010 Design Award from Faith & Form / IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art and Architecture.

Won Dharma Center is a green community designed with sensitivity to nature and issues of Sustainable Design, the center consists of eco-friendly buildings designed to provide a tranquil and meditative atmosphere. The Won Dharma Center won the 2010 Design Award from Faith & Form / IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art and Architecture.

I can't stop thinking about this retreat. I loved the daily rituals: waking up to the bells for coffee and then quietly walking along the garden to the meditation center. A quiet breakfast by the water and then off to study and workshop with Aaron. I couldn't write all of this wisdom down fast enough. Then a yoga session, getting to the sacred through the physical, followed by a nourishing lunch to connect with and learn about all of the amazing, funny people who were all called to be there for those few days. We then had a couple of hours to do with whatever we wanted: a walk in the woods, an afternoon reading or journalling, a dip in the swimming hole. Study and yoga before dinner, check-ins and mediation before a silent walk back to our cabins. One night we had a campfire ceremony and my heart almost burst from being filled with all the things that bring me joy in such a short time. Can life be like this always? I'm trying to bring little pieces of it back to the real world with me.

- Noelle Melody, Artist, Participant in 2018 Body of Light Retreat

Retreat is the perfect setting for going deep into the vibration that makes up your being. We leave behind the environments, endeavors and relationships that keep us stuck in old patterns. This allows us to access the wisdom, serenity, wholeness, joy and freedom that normally lives under the surface, just out of reach. Here's a little video I made on the subject.

Won Dharma Center is an Open Circle of teachers and students, neighbors and visitors, young and old, from any faith to no faith. We gather to make our commitment to reduce and eliminate suffering in the world and to provide a safe and eco-friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

Conveniently located in a rural setting near New York City and Boston, the Won Dharma Center is set on 426 acres in Claverack in upstate New York, overlooking the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains. Surrounded by wooded foothills with a nearby brook, the retreat center is a serene natural setting for contemplation and renewal. For more info, visit their website.

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More Testimonials from 2018

Body of Light Retreat Participants

Aaron has the ability to create a comfortable, nurturing and healing space for each participant. Everyone's needs were met or exceeded be they spiritual, emotional or physical. The retreat allowed for intense working sessions as well as enough free time to integrate and relax in the natural setting. Social time was fun and felt both authentic and refreshing.

- Sharon Burns-Leader, Owner of Bread Alone Bakery

Body of Light was my first ever retreat experience, and it was transformative. The combination of meditation, yoga, and chakra teaching sessions was stimulating and balanced. I emerged from the retreat with new, valuable knowledge gleaned from Aaron and the other retreat attendees about the relationship between my body, emotions, and thoughts as mediated by the chakras. In addition, I found safety and nourishment in a wise and supportive circle of women and a stunning natural environment. I have already put many of the lessons I learned at the retreat to use in my daily life and am sure that I will continue to do so.

- Kim Rhodes, Professor

I had a wonderful experience at the Body of Light retreat! In my experience, Aaron always structures retreats and workshops that are thoughtfully tailored to the moment in time, what's going on in the world, and even the specific attendees. Her intuition, wisdom, and inspiration helped me achieve deep introspection and significant growth during this special weekend. I am much changed for the better since I first started working with her a few years ago. Aaron's abilities as a spiritual healer are unsurpassed.

-Jenny Hobbs, Lawyer

I would so highly recommend any class, workshop, or retreat with Aaron! Her knowledge is impressively vast and her teaching style is so down to earth. Aaron always includes her personal experiences of how these practices have influenced and benefited her, which makes it so much more accessible and easier to understand how to incorporate the practices into your own life.

- Julie Fischoff, Art Teacher

Aaron created a beautiful retreat experience. Getting up with the sunrise to have morning coffee before meditation. Silent meditation together before a nutritious, hearty breakfast. Having time for ourselves to write and explore the grounds before an inspirational workshop, followed by a yoga class where we incorporated everything we just learned during our workshop. Then a delicious lunch before we would have the afternoon free to hike, swim, write, sleep! Then a second workshop/yoga class before dinner. In the evenings we would check in with each other about what we learned. We'd meditate and then fall silent again until morning. I've haven't felt like I had this much time to devote to working on myself in so long. I felt energized and nourished.

- Joy Buran, Artist

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