BODY OF LIGHT: 4-Day Exploration of the Chakras


August 1-5, 2019

WON Dharma Center

Claverack, NY

The Body of Light, also known as the Subtle Body or the Bliss Body, is the energetic form underlying and expanding beyond your physical body. When this is harmonized and humming, it is responsible for those wonderful feelings that you experience after a great yoga class or meditation session. In this retreat we will dive deeply into each of the seven chakras, major archetypal energy centers of the light body. We will learn to to toward these invaluable inner resources to gain healing, insight and transformation. 

I will draw on my own deep understanding of various lineages of Yoga, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Native American Shamanism, as well as a bit of contemporary science and Western philosophy and psychology in order to guide you to personal experiences with your own body of light.

You can expect daily yoga, meditation, community, ceremony and concise and insightful lectures about the most important spiritual themes--themes that often come across as woo woo or vague in other contexts. 

You will leave feeling healed, aligned, invigorated and transformed. Most precious of all, you will return to the world with a connection to your own resources which no one else can sever, plus a trusty toolbox packed with resources for returning to those resources again and again.

Recommended minimum of 1 year yoga asana practice. No exposure to the chakras, chanting or meditation necessary.





Pay $400 deposit today to keep your spot. Then pay remainder in 2 installments, June 15 and July 15, 2019

REFUND POLICY: Full refund available until June 15, 2019. After that I will ask that you help me fill the spot or transfer your funds toward another retreat, workshop or coaching work with Aaron.


Retreat is the perfect setting for going deep into the vibration that makes up your being. We leave behind the environments, endeavors and relationships that keep us stuck in old patterns. This allows us to access the wisdom, serenity, wholeness, joy and freedom that normally lives under the surface, just out of reach. Here's a little video I made on the subject:

sweet view.jpg



Arrive, settle in, have dinner
5:30-8:30pm Dinner + Orientation + Opening Circle

7am Chakra 1 Meditation 
Chakra 1 Workshop (study, grounding vinyasa yoga + yin)
12pm Lunch & Free afternoon
3:30pm Chakra 2 Workshop (study, fluid vinyasa + dance + qi gong)
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Check-in and Dedications for the Day
8pm Chakra 2 Meditation

7am Chakra 3 Meditation
7:30am Breakfast 
Chakra 3 Workshop (study, vigorous vinyasa/core work)
12pm Lunch & Free afternoon
3:30pm Chakra 4 Workshop (study, heart-opening vinyasa)
5:30pm Dinner
7pm Check-in and Dedications for the Day
8pm Chakra 4 Meditation

7am Chakra 5 Meditation
7:30am Breakfast 
Chakra 5 Workshop (study, chanting, vinyasa with mantra)
12pm Lunch & Free afternoon
3:30pm Chakra 6 Workshop (study, vinyasa with visualization + yin)
5:30pm Dinner
7pm Check-in and Dedications for the Day
8pm Chakra 6 Meditation

Chakra 7 Meditation
7:30am Breakfast
9am Chakra 7 Workshop (study, vinyasa and meditation)
10am Closing Circle
12-2pm Lunch + Packing Out

Note that our group will be in silence from 10pm to 10am every day of the retreat. This cultivates an inner quiet necessary for the proper digestion of the rich material and arising of deep, personal insight. 

"What a great class. Thank you. My head--and body and space around it--felt so strangely clear at the end, like a perfectly clear day, just... clear! Can’t explain it. Have had that feeling a couple times after a long and deep meditation, but today was truly significant. Thanks again, you’re a genius, really." 

- Shayna Wellington, after the Chakra Seven workshop in Brooklyn, April 2018

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