THE BIG NOW: Online Meditation Course

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image by Sarah Wilmer

image by Sarah Wilmer

build your own
firmly established + wildly enriching
home meditation practice

MARCH 1-31, 2018

The present moment is big, true, beautiful, and wise. It is the ultimate guru. And it calls to each one of us.

Meditation is how we say YES to that call.

This program offers the accountability of daily check-ins, the magic of group energy, simple yet profound exercises for growth, and the loving coaching of an experienced meditation teacher. 

You'll leave with a personal, adaptable meditation framework to last you a lifetime, and a clearer sense of your place in the bigger picture so that, even when your journey gets a little wacky, you'll never be truly lost again.

You are welcome to do the course at your own pace, or follow along live. 

schedule for live sessions

We kick things off on the night of Thursday, March 1, 7pm EST and round them up Saturday, March 31 at 1pm EST.

Otherwise, all live sessions happen MONDAY - FRIDAY at 6:30am EST

  • Tuesday & Thursday are silent sessions, the rest are guided
  • as the month goes on, our meditation sessions will grow longer, starting with 3 minutes and easing our way up to 20

WEDNESDAY: I give a live talk directly after our meditation session. We'll be off the line by 7:15am. 

FRIDAY: I post a short supplemental talk.

SATURDAY + SUNDAY: meditate on your own, with or without one of the recordings

recordings will be posted in a simple format, day by day, on the website as the month unfolds


Q: What if I can’t join the live calls?
A: No problem! You can take in the recordings at your convenience. At this point over half of the group will be participating on delay. 

Q: What if I'm a beginner?
A: This is the course that I wish I had when I was first starting. You will have all the support you need to build your practice on solid ground and move forward without all the false starts that so many of us have experienced.

Q: What if I already have a meditation practice?
A: The meditation practice has to evolve along with the practitioner. This course will teach you how to discover what is really working and enhance it, and how to lovingly release whatever isn't serving anymore.

Q: What kind of time commitment is this?
A: You'll be meditating every day, building up from short sessions to 20 minute sessions. Give yourself another 30-40 minutes to absorb my talks for the week. I recommend that you contemplate the weekly prompts in spare moments throughout your day. Then give yourself another 5-15 minutes to post your weekly check-in on the forum.

Q: What if I have to start after March 1st?
A: No problem! The first week we start simple and small and it will be easy to catch up. Registration closes March 8.

Q: What style of meditation will we learn?
A: This one requires more depth so I made you a 3 minute video. It gives a nice glimpse of the philosophy underlying the course:

If you're new to meditating, this course is the best way to build your practice on solid ground, without all the confusion, anxiety and agita that I experienced when I first started!

And if you have been meditating for a while, it's a beautiful way to rediscover the heart of your practice, to replenish your passion, connect with community and recommit to what matters most. 

Laura took the course in January and reports that she has experienced, "Improved mood, clearer understanding about how I want to reshape my life & much greater ability to be in the present moment." For more of her testimonial, scroll down.

Look. We have big work to do as a society. I believe that we have some real healing, real learning and real transforming to do if we are going to survive and thrive as a collective. It's no easy task. Supporting this process at the individual level is my special role to play in this potent moment in history. Helping you heal and transform so that your piece can positively impact the whole is my highest calling.

On April First, I intend to send you forth with a meditation practice so organically yours, so deeply engrained, that it cannot fail to hold you steady through the next chapter of your personal work.

I am doing this because, if I can help you serve your highest calling, we will all benefit. This isn't salesmanship, my friend. It's the truth: If you are able to do your heart's work, then you will surely make this shared world a more balanced, generous, beautiful place. And I love this world so much, I can't help but try.

So that's where the course comes from. I don't know where it will ultimately take us. But I hope to have you there by my side when we find out.

If something inside is nodding, tingling or urging, sign up.

If something inside is hmmmmming, wondering or questioning reach out to me.

If the $108 price tag is challenging for you right now I may be able to provide a scholarship. Reach out right away if you're interested. Likewise if you're interested in providing a scholarship for someone else: 

This has been such an amazing experience!!! I have been showing up every day of the course which has surprised me.

Since I had my kids, I really lost touch with myself and this is just what I needed to get to know who I am. This has been a great way to look at myself at this moment in time, stripped down to my essence. I can't go anywhere unless I know where I'm starting from.

It makes me smile that I was looking for exactly this course and it happened to be starting right when I needed it most.  I had lost trust but just finding this group when I did is a perfect example of how the web of being supports those who ask for help. 

- Laura Y., NYC

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