The Big Now: Meditation Immersion


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 image by the magical  sarah wilmer

image by the magical sarah wilmer

31 days to a
firmly established and wildly enriching
home meditation practice

JANUARY 1-31, 2018


The present moment is big, true, beautiful, and wise. It is the ultimate guru. And it calls to each one of us.

Meditation is how we say to YES to that call.

This program offers the accountability of daily check-ins, the magic of group energy, simple yet profound exercises for growth, and the loving coaching of an experienced meditation teacher. 

The closing chapter of this course will guide you through holistic goal-setting, helping you move into the rest of the year with clarity, purpose and a plan.

general schedule


MONDAY+WEDNESDAY+FRIDAY = live GUIDED meditation on Zoom at 7am

TUESDAY+THURSDAY+SATURDAY = live SILENT meditation on Zoom at 7am

SUNDAY = meditate on your own; you can use a recording from earlier in the week or choose to guide yourself

As the month goes on, our meditation sessions will grow longer, starting with 5 minutes and easing our way into 20 minute sessions. 


Each week we will focus on cultivating a particular meditative quality--TRUST, JOY, COMPASSION, CLARITY and INTEGRITY. 

MONDAY: you get an email with a short VIDEO introducing the week's theme plus a little CHECKLIST for how to work with that theme in your meditation practice and in your life.

It should take roughly 15-20 minutes to read my Monday email and watch the video. How long you spend on the CHECKLIST exercises is totally up to you but you'll have all week to do those.

WEDNESDAY: 7-7:40am is our main meeting for the week. After the live meditation session we stay on the line. I offer my best wisdom about the meditation practice, give deeper insight into the week's theme and answers your questions. 

Don't worry if you can't join live sessions!

All recordings will be shared on the course page so that you can (a) follow along at your own timing, (b) replay anything that you want to explore more deeply during the course and (c) end up with a nice library of guided meditations and teachings AFTER the course.

I made this 3-minute video in response to a primary question people have: What style of meditation do you teach?

If you're new to meditating, this course is the best way to build your practice on solid ground, without all the confusion, anxiety and agita that I experienced when I first started!

And if you have been meditating for a while, it's a beautiful way to rediscover the heart of your practice, to replenish your passion, connect with community and recommit to what matters most. 

Look. We have big work to do as a society. I believe that we have some real healing, real learning and real transforming to do if we are going to survive and thrive as a collective. It's no easy task. Supporting this process at the individual level is my special role to play in this potent moment in history. Helping you heal and transform so that your piece can positively impact the whole is my highest calling.

On February First, I intend to send you forth with a meditation practice so organically yours, so deeply engrained, that it cannot fail to hold you steady through the next chapter of your personal work. I intend to send you forth with a sense of purpose so authentic, so powerful and so well-integrated that you cannot help but be propelled forward toward your highest calling.

I am doing this because, if you succeed, then we all benefit. This isn't salesmanship, my friend. It's the truth. I really see the world this way: If I help you serve your highest purpose, then YOU make this shared world a more balanced, generous, beautiful place. And I love this world so much, I can't help but try.

So that's where the course comes from. I don't know where it will ultimately take us. But I hope to have you there by my side when we find out.

If something inside is nodding, tingling or urging, sign up.

If something inside is hmmmmming, wondering or questioning reach out to me.

If the $80 price tag is challenging for you right now I may be able to provide a scholarship. Reach out right away if you're interested. Likewise if you're interested in providing a scholarship for someone else: