The Forever Marvel Method was born out of the insight that all wisdom originates from the same place: INSIDE OF YOU.

Here are some of the ways we will do this:

  • physical exercises to generate greater stability and ease

  • energetic adjustments to cleanse and recalibrate your system

  • meditation guidance to bring clarity and insight to the mind

  • breath + voice work to restore emotional balance

  • ceremony to harmonize your rhythms with Mother Nature's

  • creative practices to enliven and align your power centers 

  • sacred space holding and witnessing for your process

  • frank + relevant discussion to elucidate your unique path, your particular obstacles and your phenomenal strengths



I am Aaron. 

I have extensive training in various enlightenment traditions and energy systems, most notably Mahayana Buddhism, Tantric Yoga and South American Shamanism. I combine this knowledge with a lifetime as a wordsmith, philosopher, theater-maker and nature-enthusiast to help every sister and brother I collaborate with discover her/his own path.

Though my medicine bag is full of various cures for various ailments, my purpose is always the same. To direct you back inward to the Self--that birthplace and resting place of all truth, wisdom and love.




My public offerings include weekly yoga classes and on-line meditations, plus various special workshops and retreats. Those can all be found on the calendar page.

Sometimes the most powerful work is done one-on-one or in small groups. To inquire about creating a customized session with me, write





Aaron stands out among a sea of other yoga instructors.  While she makes room for all skill levels (I'm a beginner), she manages to provide opportunities for challenge and growth in a refreshingly non-judgmental environment. I leave the studio feeling stronger, wiser, and more capable than when I entered.  Her music choices are stellar--veering towards indie, her instruction is nuanced yet concrete, and her gentle adjustments have transformed my approach.  Aaron is clearly a passionate and true practitioner, and her technical and spiritual knowledge is evident.  She does not phone it in, allowing the classes to evolve in tone and energy, regularly introducing new music, poses and themes...yet somehow invariably providing exactly what I need in that moment. Her classes are a gift.

- Liz, Integral Wellness Consultant,

What is wonderful about Aaron's classes, other than everything, is her pacing and the sequences of the poses. Always, I come away having done more than I thought I could. At the same time I am never exhausted, only energized and invigorated. Week by week, I feel stronger and more confident. Her talks are simple, clear, easy to listen to and good to think about. One has a feeling of focus, seriousness, even sacredness without pomposity.  

- Karen, Playwright,


What is one of the only things that make even thinking about turning an already long 10.5 hour work day into a day where I am out of my home from 7:45am until 9:15pm? Aaron Dias' yoga class is my answer. Her dynamic, deeply thoughtful and creative approach to the art of teaching keeps me coming back week after week. Under her supportive guidance, you will tap into deeper places of your personal practice. Aaron has a special gift for distilling the ancient texts down to their absolute essence, ready for each one of her students to bring a piece of the wisdom off of their mat and out into the rest of their daily lives. Thank you Aaron for showing me each week what true dedication and compassion can look like! 

- Hillary, Yoga Teacher,